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Where to do canyoning in the Vercors?

The best day of your holiday starts with a good night's sleep! And if you want to make it even more relaxing, we recommend choosing one of our rooms equipped with a private terrace or balcony at the top of the mountain! This day will be the most special and unforgettable experience of your life! We invite you to discover the wonders of the French Alps and the adventure of a lifetime! Canyoning in the Vercors: how does it work? Wake up for another day of hiking through the alpine landscape and explore on foot the fascinating landscape of the Vercors region before heading into the mountains in search of the most thrilling canyons in France! The perfect place to practice outdoor sports such as climbing, abseiling, zorbing, caving and many other extreme activities that put the body and mind to the test in different ways! If you prefer not to do all these activities at the same time, you can combine them according to your desires and live a unique experience! You can combine a hike along the walls of the valley, a visit to the underground caves, a rappelling of a huge cliff or a reminder on the rocks…. All this is possible in the heart of the Vercors National Park! Our guides will take care of every detail and guide you during your trip and throughout your stay in the park!

When is the best time to go to Grenoble and go canyoning in the Vercors?

In spring and summer, when the weather is hot and dry, you can go canyoning in the Vercors at any time of the day or night without fear of rain or snowfall (except in May and June). The canyons are usually open until dusk in summer, but there may be some obstacles on the canyons if it rains hard or snows heavily during the day (if the weather is bad, you can spend the night in the village of Breuil-sur-Orme). If you plan to hike in the Vercors, make sure you have comfortable walking shoes, with good grip and waterproof material; hiking shoes are not recommended as they are too heavy for the terrain and you may get stuck in mud or slippery rocks while trying to cross a stream or climb a boulder field! When hiking in the Vercors, always wear sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat – even on cloudy days you will be exposed to strong sunshine.

Where can I do canyoning in the Vercors, near Grenoble?

The most popular places for canyoning in the Vercors are Lake Bourget and Lake Moine, located north of Grenoble in the department of Isère (France). Lake Bourget is located at an altitude of 1,835 m (6,000 feet) and consists of two parts: The upper part of the lake is a reservoir and is only accessible by boat, while the lower part of the lake, where canyoning is practiced, is open to hikers and mountaineers during the summer months and also offers excellent fishing opportunities. for anglers, trout and char being the main sport fishing fish found in the lake, and for those who love fly fishing, there are several small streams that lead from the lake to the valley below and offer great fishing spots along the way! Lac du Moine is located at an altitude of 2,210 m (7,200 feet), but due to its location on a steep cliff, it can be accessed by cable car from the Plaine des Ducs, located in Saint-Martin-d'Hères. The Grand Creux du Saut du Toit The Grand Creux du Saut du Toit is one of the most beautiful canyons in the Vercors, with its breathtaking views, beautiful waterfalls, and deep crevices filled with ice crystals that sparkle like diamonds under the sunlight in winter! It is possible to abseil along the canyon walls, cross the waterfalls and even play in them! The Grand Creux du Saut du Toit is characterized by its vertical rock walls and the large number of waterfalls that dive into it! In winter, when the snow covers the rocks, it becomes even more spectacular and beautiful! For those who want to go canyoning, the Grand Creux du Saut du Toit is ideal because it offers many possibilities.