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Where can I find free knitting templates?

When you like to knit, you quickly want to find free knitwear models. First of all because wool is quite expensive like that… But also because the world of knitters has experienced a real revolution with the Internet. Today, we find on the web all kinds of free models that enthusiasts exchange with frenzy. Knitting: a real 2.0 community!

Why free knitting templates?

It is far from the good times of our grandmothers knitting by the fire… In recent years, knitting has made a big comeback. It even seems that knitting is the trendiest creative hobby. We are told throughout women's newspapers how Hollywood stars knit between two takes… Yes, but today, no one knows how to knit their heads! Wool sellers have understood this well, since they have long offered catalogs of paid knitting models. This was without counting the Internet revolution and the solidarity of knitters around the world!

Wool sales sites and knitting models

Today, most wool sellers have understood the need to offer free knitting models to make you want to knit. Thus, online wool shops usually provide the model for free when buying the corresponding wool. This is the case of bergeredefrance, boutondor or phildar Some wool dealers, such as astula-knitting, practice the same type of offers. In addition, some provide some knitting sheets that can be downloaded free of charge, such as in the Bergère de France (

blogs and creative hobby sites: countless knitwear models

But it is of course on the web that we find the most models of free knitwear, in free access. Knitting enthusiasts do not hesitate to share their favorite models. They open blogs to present their latest works and exchange free knitting models. It is an almost infinite resource. There are even blogs specializing in ethnic knitwear or wool blankets. The sites specializing in creative hobbies are also very well supplied. For example, on there are many models of free knitwear. There are also all kinds of models for creative hobbies, from crochet to embroidery.

Directories of free knitting models

But since most blogs only present a few templates, enthusiasts have had the idea of setting up sites that bring together all the links to these templates. Most of the time, the models are classified by theme. It is therefore necessary to know in advance what you are going to knit (a sweater for a child under 5 years old, for example). The most well-known site is Free Templates. There are all kinds of links to free knitting and crochet templates. But other sites work on exactly the same principle.

Free knitting templates in English

And where the Internet can become an inexhaustible resource is when you start doing a search in English. Because English speakers are also very addicted to "free kitten models". Polyglot knitters did not wait to rush to the free knitting models available on the English-speaking web. And then again, there are free template directories.

Did you know?

It is also possible to buy knitting models at low prices on classified ad sites.