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Naruto and Naruto Shippûden, the initiatory manga

With more than 100 million copies sold in Japan alone, two exceptional television series and 7 animated feature films, Naruto breaks all records! It must be said that this initiatory Manga mixes quest for recognition, grandiose fights, ninjas and humor potache … A real success!

Captain Naruto, presentation!

Naruto is a Japanese manga comic book. The character of Uzumaki Naruto is the creation of Masashi Kishimoto. There are currently 56 volumes of Naruto's adventures. Launched in 1999, the manga was so successful that it was quickly adapted for TELEVISION (2002). The cartoons are grouped under the name "Naruto" for the first part, and "Naruto Shippûden" (Captain Naruto) for the second part. And, since 2004, Naruto has even invaded the big screen. There are 3 Naruto animated feature films, and 4 Naruto Shippûden.

The world of Naruto

The story of the Naruto manga takes place in a universe that is both futuristic and medieval. The universe described resembles feudal Japan, with countries clashing. Each country is ruled by a lord, the daimyo, responsible for the economy. But the daimyos are actually less powerful than the Kage, the leaders of the ninja groups. Because each country also has a ninja military force. Ninjas are grouped into villages and control the Tailed Demons, demonic creatures that can be imprisoned in a human being.

Naruto Uzumaki's Story

The character of Naruto first appears around the age of 12. He is an orphaned child, mischievous and not very good at school. Naruto has a dream: he wants to become Hokage, the ninja master of his village. Naruto is thirsty for recognition… Perhaps because the villagers distrust him and despise him. They fear the Tailed Demon who has been imprisoned in him. Indeed, Naruto was chosen from birth to become the prison of Kyûbi, a terrible fox demon with 9 tails. Since then, all the eyes that land on him see only the monster. Naruto wants to claim that he exists, that he is not this monster in him. The whole story of Naruto is based on this quest for recognition, through the discovery of his powers. Naruto is therefore a shônen manga, which follows the style of the initiatory quest.

A manga with international success

Since its first edition in Japan, the paper version of Naruto has been an unwavering success. By 2010, the Naruto series had already sold more than 100 million copies in Japan. But Naruto quickly conquered the other two major manga countries: France and the United States. In France, since 2008, each volume of Naruto manages to enter the ranking of the 10 best selling comics. The series has also received numerous international awards, which is a first for a manga. And, proof of its international success, the term "Naruto" is one of the most requested on search engines like Google or Yahoo. The adaptation into an animated television series has also received numerous awards, especially in the United States. Moreover, Naruto Shippûden is one of the most watched television series in Japan and on the Internet. However, several critics point to the omnipresence of the fights, while emphasizing their creativity. Some passages were also censored before broadcast in the United States.