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Making an original gift wrapping: some ideas for creations

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Gift wrapping made of recycled paper

As Christmas approaches, we think about making our preparations, making an original Christmas decoration, decorating the tree, organizing the New Year's Eve meal, but also the purchase of Christmas gifts, but apart from Christmas gifts there is also the wrapping of the gift and when we have some good ideas, you can make a very original gift package. How to make an original gift package and offer a gift in custom packaging? The key word for making original gift wrapping is recycling. Indeed, it is with equipment that we would have left in the closet that we can make original gift packages and that will have a lot of effect. What paper can be used to make a beautiful personalized gift package?


Gift wrapping in sheet music

Old music scores can make an original gift paper to impress everyone, just embellish it with a large ribbon and a small label to produce a rustic effect. Are you giving a gift to a globetrotter? Why not reuse old road maps to pack your presents? Making gift wrapping can also entertain children by offering to make their own colorful gift packages, with ribbons, glitter to stick on the package.


For Christmas Day, if you have already decided on the colors of your table decoration, you can very well make your gift wrapping in the same colors to be able to place them at the foot of the tree, so the colors are coordinated and above all, everything is personalized with packages that you will have made with your own hands.

Make an original gift wrap yourself

It is also quite possible to make a gift wrap with newspaper sheets that we will take care to decorate with a cloth ribbon or a rafia rope. What original ideas can you still use to make your own original and creative homemade gift wrapping? To make a "home made" decoration of your Christmas gifts, why not decorate them with a few wool pompoms? Making a wool pompom is very simple and it will bring a touch of softness to your gift package, whether it is intended for a child or not, and you can do it in the colors of your choice with wool scraps that you have left! Kraft paper is a very simple packaging that can be decorated at will when you have original ideas.

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Fabric gift wrapping

So in the colors of winter, you will make a very typical package by decorating a gift package wrapped in kraft paper, a pine cone, sheets of paper cut into the shape of a snowflake, pieces of wool, original labels … It must remain above all a fun activity for those who want to make their own gift wrapping for Christmas or for any other opportunity to offer a gift, which is why we do not hesitate to look for creative ideas everywhere: cutting, drawing, painting, collage … everything is good to decorate your gift package and make it unique. To make a "soft" package you can have fun decorating it with colored felt or fabric. Finally, if you want to adopt a girly look up to the gift package think of pearls: sparkling effect assured!