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Wii Fit: fitness classes at home, and in front of the TV


Wii fit is an innovative concept that has revolutionized the world of video games. Developed and published by the Japanese giant Nintendo, it was released in the summer of 2007 on Wii. In addition to its purely playful character, this gadget is mainly used to practice physical exercises. The result of inventiveness and audacity, it testifies to the publisher's desire to explore new and increasingly diversified markets. When it was released, it aroused great enthusiasm among video game fans around the world.


In Japan, the manufacturer sold just over a million copies in just one month. This gadget is noticeable in particular by a rectangular accessory that has made a lot of talk about it: the Wii Balance Board. Sold with the console, the latter must be used in most of the games and exercises offered. The Balance Board works with batteries and is connected without any wires to the device. Due to its perfectly thought out dimension, it sits on the floor and fits perfectly into the living room. The Balance Board performs a number of functions during the exercises, in particular the strict monitoring of the player's positions and gestures. This accessory is able to determine the inclination, center of gravity and pressure change of one foot or another. He also has the opportunity to evaluate the weight of an athlete. In some cases, it can even serve as a step board. A true home gym coach, this accessory offers a wide range of exercises designed to refine your appearance and sense of balance. In all, there are forty games that work on balance, flexibility, physique and endurance, reflex.


These can be divided into four categories including yoga consisting of fifteen exercises that consist in particular of the reproduction of the proposed postures and the control of breathing. There is also gymnastics that can serve as a guide for the practice of strecht, for the realization of a session of abdominals or push-ups. To do aerobics, the choice can be made between jogging, steps, hoolahoop, boxing in rhythm, etc.


Jogging and boxing are somewhat peculiar in that they are practiced with the Wiimote instead of the Balance Board. The last category of games offered in the Wii Board is composed of mini-games. Among them there are slalom, ball game, ski jumping, ball game and goalkeeper. The choice of mini-games can still be made with tightrope walking, slippery river, ice fishing, dancing, zazen, etc. It should be remembered that among all these games, it is the tests that call on the Balance Board that offer the most satisfactory results. In order to practice the exercises, the Wii Fit requires the completion of a number of tasks. Before any use, it is necessary to create a profile. Performing the exercises for a specific purpose then requires the determination of the body mass index or BMI. To do this, it is enough to introduce the size into the device. At this size must possibly be subtracted some quantities related to clothing or other. It is from this size that the BMI will be determined, which makes it possible to classify players into three categories with reference to the ideal index of 22.


A player can be classified as either obese, overweight or underweight. Starting from this body mass index, everyone sets the goal they want to achieve over a specific period of time. This is how we can start the first session of exercises. As the steps are taken, the device constantly offers new challenges to meet, that is to say games, exercises and tests that are more and more difficult. Both in terms of fun and sports, the Wii Fit has many advantages of use. With a price of less than 100 euros, this gadget is largely beneficial than a subscription to a fitness room. Instead of paying a personal trainer, he offers all the programs that can help you in all gym sessions. Moreover, its ergonomics and the simplicity of its interface greatly facilitate its use. Renowned for its precision and high standards, this tool is a true partner and coach to effectively perform physical exercises. To preserve personal information from prying eyes, Nintendo's gem offers every player the ability to create a password for their profile.