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Where to skydive around Arcachon?

The first place we suggest you visit to enjoy the sensations of skydiving around Arcachon is the Parc de la Calanque d'Azur located south of the city center, between the beaches of Arcachon and Castéja on the Atlantic coast and the mouth of the estuary of the Guitron River, a lagoon at estuarine tide that houses the Sea Turtle Center. This park is a huge nature reserve and one of the most beautiful sites in France. Several options are available: Our first choice would be the Parc de la Criée, located 30 km west of the city center of Arcachon (see our map). It's a great place for beginners as it's relatively easy to find, and there are plenty of platforms you can choose from and take in the views as you fall into the Atlantic Ocean! The Parc de la Criée is located on the site of the former Leysin military air base, which was transformed into a public park in the 1970s. Cité de la Mer – The largest amusement park in France, it has more than 60 restaurants, shops and entertainment venues including a cinema, a casino, a disco and a water park with four swimming pools and three water slides! The whole is located at the end of the Lower Corniche where you can admire the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean from one of the many terraces or lounges by the sea! Gulf of Guadalquivir – Located between Bordeaux and Toulouse, this course is less than 50 kilometers from both cities and is considered by some to be one of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe! The 6th hole, which overlooks the ocean, is particularly spectacular! This is also where the Spanish Open takes place in August, so the competition is tough!