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Manga for adults

And no… Manga is not the prerogative of preteens totally hysterical in front of Pokémon or Dragon Ball… While some books have become true cult sagas, read by both children and parents, others remain more confidential and only reach a well-defined audience. The reason? Manga differs according to their genres and targeted readers. In each age group, his manga. From then on, adults can also immerse themselves in the world of these Japanese comics, as vast as the French highways…   Manga grows If children and teens have their own genders, adults have them too. These mangas with darker stories, more violent or simply dealing with serious and complex subjects such as politics or history developed at the same time as their readership grew. Thus, teenagers addicted to shônen (teen manga) in the early 60s became a new target for mangakas, manga authors. The latter have evolved their stories at the same time as their fans. The seinen was born.   A more mature manga Seinen stories are aimed at both men and women. For the latter, we then speak of josei. If the shônen gave pride of place to feelings and adventure stories full of humor, thees seinen and josei are more serious and more complex while keeping a narrative close to their 'little brothers' of the shônen. We therefore find the themes of adventure, sport, action or romance but in a much more elaborate way. The characters are more complex, more difficult to approach and the drawing differs a little. The features are less extravagant, the graphics are more realistic and the dramatic aspect is often in order. However, adult manga is not satisfied with these aspects that could seem depressing. The authors show great virtuosity when it comes to tackling difficult themes without falling into pathos. In addition, many titles keep the light appearance that has made the reputation of the manga. Everyone will be able to find their way around.   Special themes Manga for adults therefore address very specific themes. It is not uncommon to find in the seinen autobiographies (Gen of Hiroshima by Keiji Nakazawa), chronicles of everyday life, graphic essays (Amer Béton by Taiyō Matsumoto), political or historical thrillers (The Story of the 3 Adolfs by Osamu Tezuka) or even real personal introspections. In manga aimed at a female audience, it is the romances that prevail, unlike its male counterpart. However, no fairy tale or watered-down story. The feelings are violent, the relationships are more raw and the characters are often plagued by multiple questions. Often written by female mangakas, they are a tremendous success with readers. Manga for adults, whether named Seinen, Seijin, Josei or Redisu meet a real popular craze. The titles are becoming more and more numerous and varied, seducing an ever larger readership. Some series become as cult as the best known B.S.D European, winning many prizes as at the Angoulême Festival which rewarded several authors for their works.