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Creative hobbies: how to use epoxy resin?

Do you like DIY work and are you interested in the properties of epoxy resin? Good idea! You probably don't have any idea how big things can be done with this material. Easy to handle and shape, this resin can be used in multiple fields: decoration, renovation or creative hobbies. It is enough to know its advantages, and to know how to use it optimally.

What is epoxy resin and what are its properties?

Epoxy resin is a polymer in a thermosetting liquid state and is composed of two constituents. Concretely, the epoxy resin is obtained thanks to the mixture of a hardener and a resin, respecting a very precise dosage. After the solidification of the material, which occurs at a temperature varying between 10 and 15 ° C, a hard, transparent and solid material is obtained. The finished product is thus original and very aesthetic. At this time, you have the option to:

  • color it,
  • smooth it,
  • perforate it,
  • mold it,
  • cut it, etc.

You can do anything you want, the only limit is that of your imagination. The properties of epoxy resin are multiple. First of all, it is a material that offers great chemical resistance. It is therefore very resistant to hydrocarbons. It is also able to adhere to several types of supports and has excellent mechanical properties. Finally, the price of this material is very affordable. As you can see in professionals like, epoxy resin offers excellent value for money. This makes it the ideal material for creative hobbies alone or with children. The only negative point that could be noted is its low UV resistance.

Epoxy resin projects for beginners

You can use epoxy resin to make different types of creative objects. It is therefore possible to use it to create jewelry: a pair of earrings is very simple to make yourself and the possibilities are almost endless. You can also start customizing a piece of furniture, epoxy resin combines perfectly with materials such as cement or wood. To create a jewel, a lamp or a beautiful decorative accessory, you can buy a mold and follow the instructions for use. In addition, resin can also be applied as a floor covering. The effect is more beautiful, the floor is more comfortable and solid. In addition, an epoxy resin floor offers better acoustic properties.

Tips for using epoxy resin safely and effectively

If you are a beginner, it is best to start with the resin kit consisting of the basic accessories. Make your hand by making small resin objects like jewelry. If you already master the technique, you can directly buy liquid resin. Select your resin according to the object you want to design. Indeed, not all epoxy resins offer the same results in terms of strength and hardness. Also respect the precautions before use, because this material is handled carefully. So protect yourself with gloves, glasses, a mask and protective clothing. Finally, respect the conditions of mixing of the resin and the hardener to obtain the epoxy resin.