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The shotgun: much more than just a weapon

Being an activity that has a legal season to be practiced every year, hunting follows a schedule well suited to the wildlife cycle. Hunting enthusiasts meet every year to indulge in their favorite activity, the practice of this outdoor hobby, which has become a passion for some or occasional leisure for others, is done with adequate equipment: from clothing effects to shotguns to cartridges. There are also activities considered sports (ball trap) that use the same weapon as hunting. The shotgun, in the class of firearms that meet category 5, is intended for game hunting or sports activities using a rifle. Equipped with a smooth core, a shoulder butt, this weapon has one or two long barrels. But there are also hunters who prefer to use a rifled barrel weapon, very close to the rifle, for large hunts because the striped texture allows a more sustained precision on the target. Having inherited the devices of the old arquebuses or muskets, this type of weapon follows the same procedure of triggering the shot. The ammunition is more advanced, it allows to use cartridges as a charge. These cartridges contain several round-shaped projectiles, usually made of lead, but there are also steel or other hard metal projectiles for conventional rifles and whose range does not exceed 50 meters. Single projectile shooting, i.e. with a single bullet, makes it possible to aim at an objective exceeding 50 meters. Cartridges, whether pellet or bullet, each have their own property. For the first, the plumb one, the most common and modern form, is covered with a plastic case, but a paper sheath also exists even if the latter is little used, provided with a brass base in which the ignition detonator is communicating with the primer, the powder is located just above, the flue gases that are responsible for the projection of the leads are concentrated in the filler. Most often, the standard size of a cartridge is 2. 75 inches, but occasionally one can find cartridges reaching 3 or 3.5 inches for a larger amount of pellets,the diameter of the cartridges change depending on the calibers of the rifle, as there are rifles with caliber 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 and 36 . The power of lead follows a measure specific to it: the pattern which designates the dispersion of the fragments in "cloud" or "sheaf", obtained with the importance of the impacts collected on a circle of 30 inches, equivalent to 76 cm, with a distance of 40 yards (37m), the categories are as follows: "cylindrical, smooth or 1/4 with 40% lead", "improved cylindrical or 1/2 with 50% lead", "modified or 3/4 with 60% lead" and "closed, full or 4/4 with 70% lead". For the second model, i.e. single-bullet cartridges, whose device elements are the same as pellet cartridges, 3 types of bullets are commonly used in hunting or sports activity: "Foster" type balls that are designed with blades with streaks for the purpose of high precision with rotation, as well as a higher density at the head and a superficial vacuum at the rear to keep its position during the journey, the "Brenneke" type bullets provided with thin spiral grooves and allow to have a better result, the "hoof" type bullets, whose name refers to the plastic case supporting the projectile and which releases it at the time of firing, are more efficient than the other two with an accurate firing capacity up to 140m. Hunting rifle As for the mechanisms, rifles can have several: the "tilting barrel rifle" with two structures, the Anson or the platinum one, benefiting from the preference of amateurs for its safety and accessibility, the "repeating rifle" presenting possibilities of reloading by manual maneuver, the "lever rifle", widely used with hunting rifles and which works with a joystick to give another cartridge after shooting, the "bolt shotgun" little appreciated for its slowness because the empty cartridge waits for various manipulations to be removed, the "shotgun" whose action from front to back is easier and places a new cartridge without the hands having to move, the "semi-automatic rifle" allowing chained shots to be fired without any man? work and that a release of the trigger after each shot is enough to start a new shot. For a safer choice, small game can be accessible with size 6 pellets, waterfowl hunting rather requires larger calibers, the 12 is very compatible for this activity, the shotgun or semi-automatic is welcome to succeed in safe shots, the use of pellets is however prohibited in some countries to make way for less harmful steel balls or composition, big game requires a rifle whose shooting is more precise, especially hunting rifles with the "Double-Express" or "Mixed" or "Drilling" models. An approved hunting permit, a sports shooting license give access to the use of shotguns, with the exception of the shotgun, listed in category 4 whose use is made with a prefectural authorization. It is therefore up to everyone to opt for a model and make the necessary arrangements.