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Sports that make the abs work

To find a flat stomach or relieve your back, you must strengthen your abs. But not all sports allow you to strengthen the abdominals in the same way. Here are some proven methods for concrete abs!

Why work the abs?

The abdominals are the muscles that hold the viscera inside the belly. So, to display a nice flat stomach, you need firm and toned abs. But the interest of strengthening your abs is not limited there. This is because the abdominals support the entire abdominal strap. If they do not sufficiently fulfill their role, it is the spine that will carry the weight of the abdomen. The risk is then the appearance of pain in the back. Similarly, the viscera and internal muscles, poorly protected, will be more sensitive to pressures and shocks. So you might as well take care of your abs!

Swimming, for toned abs

The ideal, to strengthen your abs while having fun, is swimming! This sport makes it possible to intensely solicit the abs. But as water supports part of the weight of the body, the effort is done gently. Swimming is also the ideal sport to work on your abdominals when you suffer from back problems. All swimming practices are beneficial for the abs, but ripple movements are especially recommended. You can use a board and fins, and make movements on your stomach or on your back. Good swimmers can also try their hand at undulations on the side.

The sheathing, for a perfect support and a flat stomach

Sheathing is a fitness practice whose purpose is to strengthen the entire musculature of the trunk. It is practiced in the form of exercises that tone the entire abdominal strap. Sheathing is the sport that makes it possible to strengthen the trunk in the most harmonious way possible. Because, as its name suggests, the sheathing works all the muscles that "sheath" the abdomen. It allows to find a flat stomach while strengthening the maintenance and protection of the spine. Sheathing is often used by high-level athletes in their physical preparation. The principle is to hold a posture as long as possible, gradually increasing the exposure time. The 2 most useful postures are ventral sheathing (on the ground, pressing on the elbows and tips of the feet, the body well aligned) and lateral sheathing (on the ground, on the side, leaning on an elbow and a foot, body well aligned).

The bodybuilding of the abs: the crunch

For those who want a targeted work only on the abdominals, it will be necessary to go through regular bodybuilding exercises. The crunch is a specific exercise that allows you to develop the abdominal belt. It consists of lying on your back, legs bent, then raising the bust. To be effective and safe, this exercise must be practiced without taking off the lower back (lumbar). It is also necessary to avoid placing the hands behind the head so as not to force on the cervicals. Better to cross your arms on your chest. Finally, like all exercises targeting the abdominals, crunch should be practiced in moderation. In order not to cause micro-cracks, the abs should be allowed to rest at least every other day. Did you know? Contrary to popular belief, cycling, rowing and stepper do not work the abs much.