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Serviettage: decorate on wood, metal, cardboard …. with towels

Ideas for serviettage on glass or plastic

It is often said that creative hobbies are fashion effects, but many activities have seduced those who want to create original objects with their own hands. In recent years we have been able to witness the success of creative hobbies such as scrapbooking, customization of furniture, clothes, jewelry etc …


One of the most successful creative hobbies is most certainly serviettage, an original and simple method of decoration that requires little material but a lot of imagination and a hint of patience. How to get your hands dirty to start servietting? What techniques are used to make serviettage and on what medium can it be carried out? Gluing paper towels, you had to think about it to make original decorations, well this is the whole principle of serviettage that will use simple methods and materials to decorate objects in wood, cardboard, glass, metal and, with good tricks, you can even decorate fabrics and candles!



How to do serviettage

To start serviettage, you need essential equipment to work well, so you start by bringing a special serviettage varnish-glue that can be easily found in large creative leisure stores such as Cultura or Loisirs & Création, a flat brush, a clean support, acrylic paint, a pair of sharp scissors in order to be able to cut the patterns of paper towels with precision, and without forgetting of course, original paper towels and patterns of your choice. After obtaining a clean, dust-free and sanded support if it is a wooden support, it can be started by painting it with acrylic paint to give a background color to the object, we will only start serviettage once the support is completely dry.

Serviettage for a Christmas gift or a decoration

The basis of serviettage is therefore to glue the part to be decorated with a little varnish-glue, place the cut pattern in the towel having taken care to separate the layers of paper towel to park only the printed part.


Once laid, the pattern is smoothed with the fingers or with the flat brush slightly soaked in the varnish-glue starting from the inside to the outside and with great delicacy to avoid tearing the towel that has become more fragile. What makes interesting the technique of serviettage to start creating small personalized decorations is that we use material that is already decorated, and so the creation consists mainly of associating patterns, working on colors and shapes to decorate all kinds of objects such as flower pots, cardboard boxes, trays, tissue boxes, photophores…

Recycle an object with serviettage

Some objects did you not like too much anymore? Instead of putting them in the attic or trash, transform them with the help of a few paper towels to beautify them and put them to your liking or even to offer original and handmade gifts. With a little more experience in serviettage you can then adopt more complex techniques such as relief serviettage, collage on fabric, on candle, cracked effects, aged, sponge painting, etc … It's amazing to see how much you can do with just a few paper towels, and now it's up to you to find creative inspiration!