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Scuba diving: the instructions to follow to dive safely

Scuba diving is an increasingly common sport, but it requires following certain precautions so that it can be practiced safely. The accidents that can sometimes be heard about scuba diving are often the result of an accumulation of derogations from safety rules. Scuba diving is a sport of nature and as such it is practiced on sites whose access is not necessarily easy for rescue: it is the reverse of freedom that can be felt by walking near the wild coral massifs of the islands of French Polynesia or among the colorful fish off Hammamet, Croatia or the Reunion Islands. The most beautiful dive sites are indeed wild sites, although protected. But nature lovers who are often divers would have no idea of degrading such landscapes. However, scuba diving had opened up to many practitioners who do not always know the rules of conduct under the sea can quickly harm these exceptional places without even wanting to. That's why one of the main rules for scuba diving, for yourself as well as for respect for nature, is not to dive alone and to be accompanied by a professional guide. He will teach you the few basic instructions concerning the decompression thresholds, the good reflexes to have in case of problem, the codes to communicate with your dive partners. Because scuba diving is not like hiking, trekking or even canyoning or rafting: it will be impossible for you to express yourself to explain your problem according to conventional means, impossible to stop and rest to regain your strength. Scuba diving, and this is also its charm, it is a total immersion! The danger can therefore arise from anywhere, a bit like for climbing or aviation… once man leaves his usual evolutionary environment, he must prepare well, both psychologically and physically. And the equipment for such a dive is an essential thing! Buying a good wetsuit is best as soon as you exceed a certain threshold. Similarly, respiratory and optical equipment should be chosen carefully and under the guidance of a specialist. All kinds of sports brands, from the most economical, such as Starboard, to the most expensive, today offer high-quality equipment. That is why, from your first scuba diving, as for the baptism of the air, it is much better to get closer to a scuba diving club. Scuba diving It is often found on ports near the usual places of diving. If you want to make a cruise or a diving trip, they will be clearly indicated to you. There are also many turnkey trips, such as in wonderboxes, which allow you to organize such a first dive. Carry out a small stress test and a small medical visit and afterwards, you can believe yourself in "Le Grand Bleu" by Luc Besson.