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Manga: everything you need to know about Japanese comics

Akira, Gaara, Naruto, One piece… These names don't mean anything to you? It's that you have not yet entered the captivating world of manga! This Japanese comic strip with specific reading codes has already conquered the France. One in three comics sold in France is a manga…

Manga: presentation

The term "manga" originally refers to the art of Japanese comics. By extension, we now group under this name all the comics respecting the graphic and script codes of the manga. Today, manga has even become an adjective to describe graphic productions inspired by manga (drawing, animation, derivative products, clothing style …). Initially limited to Japan, the manga phenomenon has conquered all continents. It is particularly important in France and the United States, countries traditionally bathed by comics and comics.

Features of Japanese comics

Mangas are usually in the form of large volumes (more than a hundred pages), with black and white plates. Indeed, in Japan, manga is first published in the form of episodes in Bon Marché magazines. The paper is often of poor quality, and the color is absent. If the manga meets a large audience, the plates are then gathered in volumes. The same manga is usually composed of several volumes. Graphically, the manga boards opt for a very visual cut of the action, which is closer to American comics than to European comics. The scenes are very close to a cinematic writing. Emotions are symbolized by caricatural graphic tricks: anger symbolized by a closed fist, excessive mouths, onomatopoeia… The eyes are usually oversized, to enhance facial expression. And to focus attention on the characters, the setting is often minimalist, or even absent.

How to read a manga?

The characteristics of Japanese comics cause difficulties for people accustomed to the rules of European comics. Indeed, manga is designed for a Japanese reader, who reads from right to left. Manga is therefore read in the opposite direction of Western comics. In Western countries, manga is often available in its original formats. You then have to start the manga at the end, and read each board from top to bottom and from right to left. The majority of published manga are simply adapted, to be more easily readable. More rarely, some publishers prefer to reverse the direction of reading, to find a reading from left to right, western- On the other hand, it is usual for the manga author to play with his reader. The characters can therefore go out of the boxes, address the reader directly, criticize the cartoonist…

The different types of manga

The themes of the manga are very varied. Manga can be found for all tastes and for all types of audiences. As a result, mangas are classified by style, according to the audience for which they are intended. Thus, shojo manga is aimed at young girls and shonen style at young boys. Seinen manga touches young adult men. The shitei genre is a humorous manga, intended for both young and old. As for the hentai manga, it is reserved for adults since it is a pornographic manga. These are the main styles published in France. In Japan, there are more than twenty different styles of manga.

Find a good online store for your manga

Manga has been totally back in popular culture for many years now. There are always more different series and stories. Most of these Japanese comics are full of wonderful ideas and beautiful drawings, and we are sure that you still have many manga to discover. If you want to find a good online bookstore to find your books, here is a link that we recommend. You can discover new manga as well as easily find the missing numbers to complete your collections. It is obviously the Shonen who have the most success in the manga universe. They are aimed at teenagers as well as fans of Japanese comics. On this site, you can easily find the most famous series such as One Piece, Naruto or Dragon Ball, but you can also discover lesser-known stories, which are worth a visit. You can also easily find Shojo or Seinen manga, which will reach other audiences. It's up to you to choose the manga that suits you best. No doubt you will easily be able to find one that will offer you a story that interests you.

Did you know?

Initiated by Akira in 1990, the France has become, after Japan, the country where the most manga is sold. Naruto is the most popular character.