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Scott bikes, Swiss precision

Scott Sports has been making bikes for over 20 years. Specialized in mountain sports, the Swiss equipment manufacturer was able to conquer road cycling very quickly. The great asset of Scott bikes: an incessant search for lightness!

Presentation of the Scott brand

Scott is a Swiss sports equipment company, whose real name is Scott Sports SA. Created by the American Ed Scott in 1958, the brand moved to Givisiez, in the canton of Fribourg, in 1978. But Scott is actually a global company. His bikes were designed in Switzerland, built in Asia, and then repatriated to Belgium. They are then distributed throughout the European market, according to needs.

The saga of the Scott Sports brand

Scott's story dates back to 1958 and begins with the invention of the first aluminum ski pole. After conquering the winter sports market, the brand developed the first glasses specially designed for motocross. Later, the brand will offer boots and all kinds of accessories. In 1986, Scott became the world leader in ski poles and began producing his first mountain bike. Very quickly, the brand also produced road bikes. Scott will definitively establish his reputation in the cycling world by inventing the first aerodynamic handlebar, which will allow Greg Lemond to win the Tour de France 1989. From 1997, the brand completes its line of winter sports by manufacturing skis.

Scott's technological inventions

The slogan of the brand is "Innovation – Technology – Design". In the 1990s, Scott developed mountain bike-specific suspensions (Unishock, Full-Suspension, G-Zero) and an aluminum mountain bike (Endorphin). From the year 2000, the Swiss equipment manufacturer focused its innovation department on the search for lightness. The frames are lightened, until you get the 895 g of the CR1 model. This revolution allows the brand to create the lightest triathlon bike in the world (Plasma, 980 g). The technology will be further improved to reach the 899 g of the Scale mountain bike frame, then the 790 g of the Addict frame. Combined with an IMP carbon fork, the Addict bike weighs only 5.9 kg… Scott also innovated in the very design of the Mountain Bike, presenting in 2003 the Genius, a suspended mountain bike with adjustable shock mode to facilitate climbs. Since then, the Genius has been constantly reinvented to stay at the forefront.

Scott bikes and other products of the brand

Scott bikes cover all the needs of cyclists, high-level athletes or simple amateurs. They are renowned for their great lightness. This is particularly the case for Scott competition mountain bikes (Spark, Scale and Scale 29). All mountain bikes are not to be outdone, thanks to Genius LT technology. The mountain bike range also includes trail bikes (Genius, Aspect), freeride (Voltage Fr) and downhill (Gambler). Scott also offers mountain bikes suitable for women (Contessa). Voltage bikes are perfect for dirt or street practice. Scott road bikes include competition (Foil, Addict, CX), leisure (CR1, Speedster), triathlon (Plasma), and women's models. Scott also offers modern and colorful models for city trips (Hybrid range). Finally, Scott bikes are available in children's version. In addition to its range of bicycles, Scott offers all kinds of equipment for cyclists. The brand also has a winter sports department (skis and accessories). The Swiss equipment manufacturer also supplies all kinds of accessories for motocross and running.