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Snow raft: what is snow raft?

Snow raft or "snow raft" in English is, like snake gliss, an unusual sliding sport, which is just beginning to arouse people's interest and was considered first, in its early days, as an improviser's sport. However, it is gradually gaining popularity. A concept that attracts crowds, this sport is practiced on a snow raft with a bottom and handles, or simply on a boat tied by rubber ropes. As the name suggests, it is snow rafting, as opposed to water rafting. And its Anglo-Saxon origin is defined just in its initial name. It is a sport that completely blows your hair because with your swollen puddings, you zigzag and descend at high speed, and this on several hundred meters of elevation, the slopes of the snow slopes. It is the same for the turns, which will be swallowed in turn as fast as you did not expect! You are entitled to the tracks in the undergrowth and leapfrogging. This way, the descent promises to be more than memorable, unless you try the expressway that dives in a straight line. At this level, it is simply breathtaking! It is snow sickness guaranteed, with toss in support, gentlemen and ladies. But it doesn't matter since in this sport the goal is to mix all the sensations and fears. Sensitive souls and fragile beings will only need to be better prepared. This sport is undoubtedly placed under the sign of strong sensations because already, the simple fact of placing yourself in the boat accelerates without waiting for the beating of your heart. Similarly, slipping off a 70° slope dangerously increases the level of adrenaline in the blood. But isn't that what we're looking for? And welcome to the mind-boggling howls and the wind whipping your face. In some ski resorts, slopes are specially designed for snow rafting. These slopes are actually corridors about 200m long, which are endowed and groomed with snow ledges. This structure ensures the safety of users and reduces the speed of descent quite reasonably, unlike "free" tracks. These are therefore to be avoided if you are not used to this sport. In the case of resort tracks, a guide assists you to help you stay the course. He rides with you to start and stop your raft, just to make you live a few minutes of extreme sensations. Nevertheless, this does not in any way prevent the boat from swirling since it is not easily airshipable as a craft. And more often than not, you are forced to put yourself on the slope that he is running down on his back. This is part of the charm of this discipline. Optimize your safety by wearing high-performance and complete equipment. To spice up the hike, try tying several buoys together. Total delirium assured! snow raft For the more daring, take the landing area of freestyle skiing to give you even more sensations. This activity can be practiced on the slopes of Mount Avalanche aboard a rafting boat, in the resort of Tignes, in the Jasná resort of Basses Tatras, or in the Jura. On the other side of the world, Mount Everest will provide you with the highest acceleration sliding track ever seen with its 33.5 meters high and 110% inclination. It's a lot of fun guaranteed. In addition, in the Village Vacances Valcartier, find the exclusive concept of the "Tornado". A boat of up to 8 people will make you swirl on 3 different tracks until you get to the bottom of the slope. In the region of Saint-Cergue where she took her first steps, this discipline is considered the equivalent of the new dimension "new look" toboggan, with its improved inner tube. Indeed, proposed by Pierre Baude, it will surely experience a certain evolution in the coming years. This hike is thus proposed to lovers of this new type of sport and for complete weekend trips. You will be sure to be satisfied if you are looking to discover new sensations in the sport of mountain sliding.