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What is mountainboarding?

Fruit of the mix between snowboarding, mountain biking and skateboarding, mountainboarding is the new darling of downhillers. For fans of free ride or free style, the practice of mountainboarding is possible on grass, bitumen, hard sand, earth or any other rolling surface … Not yet strictly standardized, the mountainboard is mounted on wheels (four for now). The board or board serves as a seat for fixing the so-called straps (footstraps) that act as hook stabilizers. The wheels are inflatable. The mountainboard thing is called "trucks". It is these axes that make the difference between the two types of mountainboard family and that bring together those with skate truks such as skateboarding and channels truks, suspension. The difference will lie in the speed desired by the sliding course. For a low speed, we can be satisfied with the "skate truks". The truks channels will be used for more demanding courses. The mountainboard is wider and longer than the skateboard and the choice of Velcro footstraps or ratchet bindings depends on your budget and your wish to be more or less. For the moment, practice has not made it possible to really make the choice between these two technical choices. Appearing in 1990 in California, mountainboarding was first a palliative to snowboarding. Its origin is not very clear because the practice of mountainboarding has also developed in England. In all objectivity, the commercial reason but especially the search for enthusiasts have simply made it possible to make parallel discoveries. Originally created to hurtle down the mountain slopes, mountainboarding has become urbanized and its practice is more urban than practice in a park specializing in snow-free ski slopes. The practice of beach mountainboarding is close to beach surfing. Apart from this difference in size, the beach mountainboard allows for another style approach. The common point remains wind traction. The reigning champions are Lewis Wilby (kite mountaiboard European freestyle champion) or the heads of prow like Olivier Garet who has just won the France kitemountainboard championship. The mountainboard is in constant research and development phase, such as the improvement of sensations and the word that makes it possible to describe them. The board is called the plateau whose flexibility will vary depending on whether you evolve in the mountains, on land, on concrete or on grass. As the logos are exposed, the design is imposed because the practice of mountainboarding is also a form of self-search close to philosophical research, while constituting a desire to assert one's youthful desire for independence and the desire to assert one's oedipus. The "Trampa" or "MBS" trays are the right representatives of the practice. New in the range of leisure, mountainboarding already has followers and aficionados. Mountainboarding requires the wearing of a helmet, wrist guard, knee pad, gloves and elbow pads. The most widespread practice is grass descent and paths in the woods. The sale of equipment is increasingly standardized. At Go sport, you will find them in all ranges and colors. Between the truks in skate version, the truks in steel and those in composite aluminum, the most important thing is to find the model that suits your corpulence, your desires and your physical means of the moment. Above all, do not force things by getting carried away by the desire to demonstrate your skills. Fun sport without great danger, mountainboarding can be practiced as an amateur or in competition. Official competitions are in freestyle. That of the humpback tracks called "boardercross", the more fun versions of the big air type, are formatted at average practices of 45 minutes and attracts the cameras. The refereeing rules are quite well developed but the best thing is to go see the club closest to you. Beyond the niche practice, mountainboarding is the door open to all other board sports. A good mountainboarder can quickly become a good downhill skier in snowboarding (Olympic sport), a good descender in bmx (another Olympic sport) and even opens the practice to windsurfing and beachsurfing… Sports study sections of this discipline are available in most major academies. You need to find out about the club closest to you. Aimed at specialists, it is a sport where the competition is not yet very tough.