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Women's football: the France team reveals itself…

Finally recognized since the 2011 World Cup, the footballers of the France team had to fight to win. After posing nude to attract attention, they are now acclaimed for their performances. Will the girls on the France team make us forget the scandals caused by their male counterparts?

The France team and the history of women's football

In France, women's football has had a France championship since 1919. And, as early as 1920, a national women's football team met the selection of English players at the Manchester Stadium. The French footballers then won in front of more than 25,000 spectators. Although the French national team dominated women's football, the France team was dissolved in 1932 for lack of female players. After this glorious phase, women's football had to impose itself to return to international competitions. While the French federation did not recognize its existence, a women's football France team participated in the 1969 European Cup, itself not recognized by international bodies. And if the FFF decided to accept women's football in 1970, it was not until 1982 that UEFA recognized the European Championships, and 1991 that FIFA organized the first official World Cup.

The women's football France team, a slow recognition

From the 1960s, the women's football France team was mainly composed of players from Stade de Reims. They won many international competitions, such as the "unofficial" World Cup in 1978. But from 1985, the team went through a phase of decline. Recognized by the national federation, but never supported, the France team is gradually disappearing from major competitions. Fortunately, the arrival of Aimé Jacquet at the National Technical Directorate will change the situation. From 1998, the women's football France team benefited from the Clairefontaine facilities. Coached by Elisabeth Loisel, French footballers return to international competitions.

With Bruno Bini, the revival of French women's football

Since 2007, the women's France football team has been coached by Bruno Bini. The team, led by captain Sandrine Soubeyrand, reached the quarter-finals of Euro 2009. And at the 2011 World Cup, french footballers fell in the semi-finals to the United States. But the coverage of the event has never been more important in France. It must be said that Bruno Bini, apart from his qualities as a coach, was able to convince the FFF of the need to highlight women's football. Not to mention that, since the 2010 World Cup, we must quickly forget the scathing failure of the men's team…

Gaétane Thiney and the other players of the team of France naked…

To promote the image of women's football, the players did not hesitate to pose nude. The goal was largely achieved, the calendar published in 2009 having attracted the attention of football fans… and others! At the heart of the selection, it is especially Gaétane Thiney who has made a name for herself, her plastic having particularly moved the aficionados of the round ball. But since the 2011 World Cup, a new look seems to be on the players of the women's France football team and their performances. Among them, the captain, Sandrine Soubeyrand, is one of the most striking personalities. She holds the record for the number of national team caps, men and women combined (161 caps). Professional players, playing in the United States, also enjoy a real notoriety. Sonia Bompastor, the queen of defence, and midfielder Camille Abily are the only footballers on the France team to make a living from football.