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Finger skate: description and use of this mini skate

Finger skateboarding is a miniature version of skateboarding that is usually done with key rings, but over time it has become a discipline in its own right with competitors and prizes to win. In the beginning, keychains represented certain brands of known boards or brands that are embarking on the professional world of skateboarding, people collected them and exchanged them with each other… In general, the owner of a key ring inevitably has a habit of playing with it. For example, for a key ring that has the shape of a car, we tend to roll it on all the surfaces encountered and this is also what happens with the finger skate, as its name suggests, we manipulate it with the fingers, index and middle finger, to "ride", and we even have the possibility of doing several tricks with it. This is where the evolution of this small machine came from into a real discipline because new clubs were created everywhere and many manufacturers also appeared in addition to those that have already existed before. These manufacturers offer finger skates that compete with skateboards, especially for all the properties that each offers on the market, such as the various pieces that form the skateboard. Namely special rubber wheels, with real miniaturized bearings, spare wheels, a quality wooden or plastic board, with different grips, steel trucks, keys to be able to disassemble and reassemble the finger skate … We even have the possibility to get spare parts from some manufacturers if the wheels are damaged or if we want to change the board, in short a universe identical to that of skateboarding in almost only a few things. Finger skateboarding is even rather advantageous than skateboarding because the considerable saving on the amount to invest to get one is already a real advantage. In addition, you will not disturb anyone by doing finger skate, you will not be cluttered by its size, since it is only a few centimeters long and wide, it is easily transportable in a pocket or in a small kit or hung on your keys. Another advantage is that the risk of having a serious injury does not exist. For skateboarding, this risk of serious injuries is a considerable obstacle for those who want to do it, not to mention the accessories to buy necessarily such as the various knee protectors ankles wrists … but for finger skate, it is enough to have hands or rather agile fingers to be able to ride. And it's hardly tiring, if at all, since you don't have to perform the tricks with your whole body but only with your fingers. For more professionalism, various championships have been organized around the world, with courses in miniatures too, in other words miniature representations of real circuits that can be found in many world skateboarding championships. Hang on tight, there is even a world championship of finger skate. The number of clubs that have come forward has increased a lot since the existence of these championships. If for competitions, special spots or miniature versions of real circuits are required, for individuals, the furniture of the house does the trick. At home, you can ride on everything there is, such as on the edge of the beds that act as a ramp or bar, on the sink that allows the bowl for connoisseurs, on the U-shaped spot that can be seen in skateboarding or BMX competitions over the phone handsets too, on tools, in short everywhere… The manufacturers have also thought of these individuals by offering for sale many small spots such as ramps, footbridges, metal rails, several gadgets to be able to create its own "park". finger skate Others also offer complete packs integrating all possible spots, there are even some who have made small towns in miniature full of many spots so that we can do finger skate street. All this was invented in order to offer maximum realism to this game, but above all to offer much more thrills for riders. It should be noted that almost all the tricks that can be done with a skateboard can be reproduced for finger skateboarding, with a few exceptions, such as the 360° which is an impossible figure to perform. On the other hand, with this small machine, we can make trucks that we did not even dare to imagine running on a normal skateboard, for a good reason: the risk of accidents reduced to zero with the finger skate.