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Choosing a well-suited auto roof box

Suv Brun Avec Remorque Utilitaire Blanche Et Noire

Brown SUV with white and black utility trailer The roof boxes allow you to carry luggage and objects that do not fit in the trunk. Today there are different forms of roof boxes, with different capacities, different mounting, opening, closing systems… A short guide to choosing a roof box adapted to your needs!

What type of roof box to choose?

The roof boxes attach to the bars of the car, to provide additional space to carry suitcases and luggage. They must be chosen according to the car and the use that will be made of it. Indeed, long roof boxes make it possible to carry bulky objects, such as skis. But their dimensions require a fairly long car (minivans, station wagons, large sedan ..). Conversely, compact (or short) trunks adapt very well to city or compact cars, but their volume is reduced. The most common models are mixed trunks, which are installed on almost all types of cars. Halfway between compact and long models, they offer a significant volume. Finally, there are also flexible and foldable models, easy to store when not in use.

Understand the technical characteristics of the roof box

To be really useful, roof boxes must meet the need for additional volume. It is the capacity, expressed in liters, that provides information on the available space. Roof boxes offer volumes ranging from 300 to more than 650 liters. To give an estimate, 300 l. correspond globally to an average car trunk. However, if you want to carry bulky items (crib …), do not hesitate to check that they fit in the roof box that interests you. Finally, do not forget to control the maximum load borne by the roof box, especially if you are thinking of carrying heavy elements.

Mounting, opening and closing the roof box

For more convenient use, it is also necessary to pay attention to the mounting of the trunk on the roof bars. There are different fastening systems, with or without dials, with or without a safety system. Depending on the model, the assembly will be more or less fast, and more or less secure. For loading, the roof boxes can open on the back, or on the side. There are also models that open on both sides, to facilitate loading. Finally, to be sure not to leave with the trunk poorly closed, opt instead for a secure locking closure. This system prevents you from taking out the key if the trunk is not completely closed.

Roof boxes, not just advantages…

Finally, before you rush to a large model, "just in case", know that roof boxes increase air resistance. They therefore cause an overconsumption of fuel, all the more important as the trunk is large. The wind grip will also be increased, especially if the trunk is high. It will therefore sometimes be necessary to slow down, in case of strong wind. Finally, at high speed, the air rushing under the trunk can make noise. The inconvenience will be all the more important as the trunk is long, in proportion to the car. So many arguments to choose a model of roof box perfectly adapted to your needs. Not to mention that the price will also be affected. The smallest models of roof boxes cost in the 120 €, the largest can exceed 1,000 €… Did you know? It is advisable to charge the car by reserving bulky but light objects for the roof box.