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Buy a motorhome

That's it, you're getting started… You have decided to buy a motorhome! But how to choose from the multitude of models available? gives you the essential benchmarks to help you choose your motorhome.

Choose your motorhome according to the number of passengers

The essential criterion for the purchase of a motorhome is obviously the number of people who will use it. A retired couple does not have the same needs as a family with children. For two people, you can opt for a van motorhome, a streamlined or integral model. The van model is very small, but without comfort. Streamlined motorhomes are more comfortable and are very well suited for a couple. Some models even have an extra (but spartan) bed. As for the integral models, they represent the most comfortable solution and the best suited for long trips. They can also accommodate a third traveler. Finally, for a family, it will be better to opt for a nasturtium-type motorhome, which has an additional bed above the cockpit. Depending on the model, they can accommodate from 4 to 7 people.

A motorhome adapted to your trip

If the number of beds is important, it is also necessary to buy a motorhome that is suitable for the use that will be made of it. Difficult, indeed, to do urban tourism with a very long model… Depending on the model, the lengths can vary from 4.50 to more than 7 m. If you mainly want to visit museums or evolve in the city center, it will be better to choose a "handy" motorhome. Vans represent the most suitable models, due to their small dimensions. Some profiled models may also be suitable. However, for more comfort, it is often possible to park on the outskirts of urban centers and use public transport. In the villages, the problem will be exactly the same, especially since the streets are often narrower. You will either need a very compact motorhome, or stay on the outskirts and reach the village on foot or by bike. On the other hand, if you want to drive on fairly narrow roads, pay attention to the width of the vehicle. A motorhome can be up to 2.55 m wide.

The comfort of the motorhome, an important criterion of choice

The comfort of the motorhome depends on the available interior space. It is necessary to check, before buying a motorhome, that you can evolve at ease. It will also be necessary to choose a level of equipment adapted to his needs and the type of holiday planned. Indeed, a motorhome can be used for walks of 2/3 days, as for stays of 6 months. If you can do without fridge, shower or large closets for 2 days, it will be more difficult in the long run… In addition, leisure equipment (such as TV) can quickly become indispensable. In the kitchen, it is always necessary to check that the depth of the cupboards allows to store the pans and pots. The volume of the fridge is also an important element to take into account. The current average is 100 liters, which is 1/3 of a conventional fridge. If you are traveling with your family, turn to a capacity of 180 liters instead. The shower must also be large enough to allow you to evolve. Finally, if you prefer cold destinations (winter sports), take an interest in the quality of the heating system… Did you know? To drive legally, check that the number of beds corresponds to the number of passengers registered on the registration card.