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Creative hobbies, homemade: the big trends

Loisirs créatifs, le fait maison: les grandes tendances
Doing it yourself is developing in many areas: jewelry, cooking, sewing, knitting, crochet and embroidery, small DIY, decoration …

The do-it-yourself trend has become one of the main pastimes of our society. It is undeniable, more and more men and women feel the need to engage in manual and creative activities. We can make several hypotheses about this craze. Under the yoke of a recession that is difficult to bear after years of consumerism (widely encouraged); then comes a period of austerity generating a need for savings. This phenomenon, globalization leads to a need for distinction, personalization, need for identity. Now is the time to rediscover its cultural roots in a world that has become a global village. The return to the identity culture can be seen in particular in the field of fashion and decoration with this vintage trend that has persisted for 2 years. Similarly, the extraordinary enthusiasm for cooking, culinary know-how is also the strong symbol, on the one hand of a difficult economic context (prepared dishes cost more). On the other hand, a need to return to the fundamentals, to the olfactory memories of the aromas emanating from the kitchens of grandmothers. It is therefore hedonistic pleasures that are sought, but also the need to share in a friendly atmosphere good homemade dishes, more balanced, healthier. The kitchen, in addition to its flavors, carries with it notions of sharing, transmission between generations, a whole program of gustatory pleasures. In addition to the delicious aromas, the trend is towards decoration, the presentation of deliciously prepared dishes.

The origin of the major trends that mark the creative sector

Many agree that we are entering a period of individualism. This trend is a common point among individuals of all countries, a borderless world that leads to a thirst for difference in the arts and lifestyles.

The three main trends: jewelry, decoration, fashion and accessories, festivities

  • Jewelry: the need for distinction, individuality are reflected in particular in jewelry made by oneself. In this sector, new materials are offered, colored fabrics, felt, leather and feathers, combined with Murano glass beads and charms. Jewelry is also invited into the house to perfect the décor.
  • Cocooning: handmade shines in the house, with a return in a vintage decoration theme, in hand-knitted clothes, in homemade fashion accessories. For the home, we make cushions, quilts and bedspreads, different, creative chair decorations.
  • Festive decorations, table decorations: from now on we focus on creating beautiful reception rooms, beautiful tables for weddings and parties, such as Christmas. We go out less, we receive more at home and we create our own decoration, our festive atmosphere. The creativity aspect highlighted marks the personality of the host or hostess and expresses his hospitality. The trend for a part to festive table decorations in discreet colors, airy, pure, white or slightly tinted with pastel.

Despite the financial crisis, people want to decorate their homes, creative hobbies come to the fore and are not the subject of savings. Nevertheless, most of them demand quality and environmentally friendly products. Homemade, creativity prevail in many areas, knitting, crochet, painting, sewing (men's, women's, children's clothes and accessories, dolls, blankets, furniture…), textile design, embroidery (hand or machine), paper and origami folding, collage, scrapbooking.. It is the artistic and imaginative qualities that are highlighted in the decoration of the house, in clothing and fashion accessories.

DIY does not know the crisis and is known for its many fairs

It is one of the few sectors that does not know the crisis and on the contrary is constantly evolving. Exhibitions, fairs and training workshops flourish in France and Europe among others. A source of inspiration, creativity and know-how, the number of visitors to these fairs continues to grow. Thus, more and more cities have their creative leisure lounge, to the delight of the adaptors of these leisure activities where creation, the expression of one's imagination, of oneself reign. See our previous article listing the main leisure and creative fairs, dates and programs of the cities.

Pinterest, a source of inspiration for creations on the net

Pinterest is a service that allows you to share images, videos and other objects in a "pinboard". The "pin" members (pin) these objects on a beautiful visual interface. No wonder that the free online tool has become a place where you can view each other's most beautiful creations. Pinterest has become a site that brings together fantastic ideas and creations in all areas of creative arts and leisure.